Yellow Lycra Table Cap

Vibrant Aesthetics

The Yellow Lycra Table Cap is a stunning addition to any event, bringing a burst of sunshine and vibrancy.

Its bright yellow hue is perfect for creating a lively and energetic atmosphere, ideal for celebrations, parties, and social gatherings.

The lycra material ensures a sleek, fitted look that transforms ordinary tables into eye-catching centrepieces.

Versatility and Fit

This table cap is designed to fit snugly over various table sizes, offering a versatile solution for event decor.

The stretchable lycra fabric adapts to different shapes, ensuring a smooth and tailored appearance for round, square, or rectangular tables.

It’s an excellent choice for both indoor and outdoor settings, adapting seamlessly to different event themes.

Ease of Use and Maintenance

One of the key advantages of the Yellow Lycra Table Cap is its ease of use.

The stretchable fabric allows for quick and effortless setup, making it a practical choice for event planners.

Additionally, the lycra material is low-maintenance, resistant to wrinkles, and easy to clean, ensuring it remains pristine throughout your event.

Hire Price: $23 + GST
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