Purple Satin Table Runner

Elegant Charm

The Purple Satin Table Runner is a perfect blend of elegance and style, ideal for weddings and special occasions.

Its luxurious satin fabric adds a touch of sophistication and glamour to any event setting.

The rich purple hue brings a vibrant and royal feel to your tables, making it a standout choice for event decorators and planners.

Adaptable and Useful Dimensions

This table runner, which is 2.4 meters long and 0.5 meters wide, can be used with a range of table shapes and sizes.

Because of its practical proportions, it drapes gracefully over any table to create a seamless, sophisticated appearance.

Its 0.2 kg weight makes it simple to handle and assemble, guaranteeing a hassle-free decorating experience.

Styling Advice

A variety of decor pieces can be combined with this purple satin table runner to create an exquisite and well-coordinated event theme.

For a more regal appearance, pair it with silver or gold centrepieces; alternatively, go with pastel-coloured flowers for a more delicate, romantic feel.

Its adaptability to both classic and contemporary aesthetics makes it a valuable addition to the decor of any event.

Hire Price: $10 + GST
Weight: 0.2 kg
Size: 2.4m Long x 0.5m Wide x
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