White Swedish Camo Netting Prop

Genuine Swedish Army Snow Camouflage Netting for Event Theming

Discover the genuine Swedish Army Issue Snow Screen Snow Camouflage Net, a pivotal asset for crafting authentically themed winter events.

This genuine army surplus item, spanning 4.2 metres wide x 5 metres tall, is not merely a decorative piece but a strategic decoy designed for concealment in snowy environments.

Its design, featuring meticulously placed holes, is engineered to disrupt and break up shapes, making it an excellent tool for creating dynamic displays or shelters. This snow camouflage net offers unparalleled authenticity and versatility, whether for event theming, outdoor adventures, or military-inspired setups.

 Product Features

  • Genuine Army Surplus: Authentic Swedish Army issue, ensuring top-grade quality.
  • Strategic Design: Engineered with holes to disrupt visual patterns for effective concealment.
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for winter-themed events, outdoor adventures, and shelter building.
  • Sizeable Coverage: Offers 4.2m wide x 5m tall of coverage for extensive thematic decor or practical applications.
  • Durable Construction: Crafted for durability to withstand various environmental conditions.

Practical and Easy Setup

Our  Snow Camouflage Net Prop is visually striking, practical, and easy to set up. It’s lightweight, making transportation and installation a breeze.

This prop is ideal for event planners looking for a hassle-free yet impactful decor solution.



Hire Price: $75 + GST
Weight: 2.4kg
Size: 6 available at 5m x 4.2m
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