White Tolix Bar Stools

Elegant Design & Versatility

The White Tolix Bar Stools are a blend of style and functionality, perfect for various events in Gold Coast, Tweed, and Brisbane.

Their sleek white finish and classic design seamlessly complement a wide range of décor styles and colour schemes.

Ideal for weddings, corporate events, or intimate gatherings, these stools offer a subtle decorative flair that enhances the ambience of any setting.

Comfort & Durability

Crafted for comfort and built to last, these contemporary stools ensure your guests remain comfortable throughout the event.

The durable design of the White Tolix Stools makes them a reliable choice for event planners, ensuring both elegance and longevity.

Space-Saving & Convenient

These stools are not only stylish but also practical. They are stackable, making them an excellent option for events with limited space.

Their compact design allows for easy storage and versatility in layout planning, ensuring they fit perfectly even in tighter spaces.

Standing at an ideal height, the White Tolix Stools are perfectly suited for use with dry bars and dry bar covers.

This makes them an excellent choice for events that feature bar areas or casual seating arrangements.

Hire Price: $15 + GST
Size: 76cm tall x 43cm wide x 43 cm deep
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