Gardens Event Theme

Take your guests outside while keeping them snug in their seats with Backdrops Fantastic Australia’s magnificent range of Garden Themed backdrops.

Guaranteed to bring the outside in, our Garden backdrops have a scene to suit every production or event. Take your guests on a tour of Henry VIII’s Hampton Court palace with our Hampton Court garden backdrop. Featuring all the splendour you’d expected from this tyrannical monarch’s personal gardens this backdrop features a natural world sculpted and contained by neat herbaceous borders, stone pathways and topiary hedges.

Or perhaps the perfect garden for your theatrical production requires a less formal approach. Then we invite you to take you guests for a gentle pond side adventure with a scene from a great artist’s famous garden in Monet’s Garden 1 and Monet’s Garden B. Here verdant green overflows in cascades of leafy growth from various weeping trees giving a calm and gentle sense of nature in repose.

Escape to the orient with our magnificent Japanese Garden backdrop. Featuring a red bridge over a pond, beside a red temple with blooming pink cherry blossoms peeking out between. This garden image is sure to impress. The green foliage pops happily through the contrast of colours created by the bridge and blossoms. Mt Fuji looms large behind, a beautiful snow-capped peak hinting at a larger and untamed wilderness beyond the confines of the garden setting.

Or take your audience on an amazing bug sized adventure with our fantastical Big Garden 1, Big Garden 2, Big Garden 3, Big Garden 4 and Big Garden 5. Perfect for Alice in Wonderland, Honey I Shrunk the Kids, or, any pantomime performance these backdrops create a magnificent Fantasy land. Also available as slender panels, Big Garden Panel 1 and Big Garden Panel 2, these mind bending backdrops create a majestic forest from tiny daisies and toadstools.

To inquire about any of our impressive backdrops please don’t hesitate to call our team on 07 5520 2311 or send us a message on our contact page. Backdrops Fantastic Australia is located in in Burleigh Heads, Qld 4220. We proudly deliver all around Australia and New Zealand.

Hampton Court Monet’s Garden 1 Monet’s Garden B Japanese Garden Big Garden 1 Big Garden 2 Big Garden 3 Big Garden 4 Big Garden 5 Big Garden Panel 1 Big Garden Panel 2

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