Purple Lycra Table Cap

Hire Price: $23 + GST
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Regal Elegance

The Purple Lycra Table Cap is a stunning choice for adding a touch of regal elegance to any event. Its vibrant purple hue is versatile, perfect for mixing and matching with various colour schemes. Ideal for buffet tables, this table cap can transform a simple setting into a majestic display, enhancing the overall ambience of your event.

Versatile Styling

This table cap is not just about its striking colour; it's about versatility. Whether you're planning a corporate event, a wedding, or a themed party, the Purple Lycra Table Cap fits seamlessly. It's an excellent choice for event planners looking to create a cohesive colour theme, offering a sophisticated and polished look.

Event Compatibility

The Purple Lycra Table Cap is an ideal choice for various events, including gala dinners, fundraisers, award shows, and theme parties. Its ability to adapt to different themes and settings makes it a valuable addition to any event planner's inventory.