Red Carpet Runner 1.2m x 9m

The Ultimate Red Carpet Experience

The Red Carpet Runner 1.2m x 9m is the epitome of elegance and sophistication. Designed for those who desire a majestic entrance, this carpet is perfect for high-profile events, gala awards, and luxurious weddings. Its extended length ensures a dramatic and unforgettable entrance, making every guest feel like a star.

Simple Installation for a Magnificent Entrance

Despite its impressive length, this 9m red carpet is surprisingly easy to install. Our comprehensive installation guide and video provide step-by-step instructions, ensuring a smooth and elegant layout. Perfect for creating a seamless and striking entrance at any event.

Versatility for Various Event Sizes

Cater to any event size with our range of red carpet lengths. In addition to the 9m option, we offer 6m and 12m runners, allowing you to choose the perfect fit for your venue. Whether it’s a grand ballroom or an intimate venue, our carpets ensure a luxurious and fitting entrance.

Suggested Items

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Hire Price: $130 + GST
Size: 1.2m Wide x 9m Long
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