Las Vegas Event Theme

Put on a party with all the glitz and ritz of a night on the famous Nevada strip with a sensational Las Vegas inspired backdrop from Backdrops Fantastic Australia.

We have an amazing range of Las Vegas backdrops that will take your event to the next level. Your guests will be dazzled by the famous landmarks montage and glittering skyline of Las Vegas 1, which comes in a smaller one-piece version Las Vegas 1B. Or bring the City of Lights to your function with the sparkling streetscape of Las Vegas 2.

Las Vegas – Retro will evoke the old-school style of Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr live shows at The Sands. Or kick your heels up with the stunning Las Vegas – Showgirls.

Perfect for your next poker tournament or games night, get the gang in the mood to gamble with the poker machines and roulette wheels of Viva Las Vegas or hit the jackpot with Casino!.

Invite the glamour of the legendary hotel Las Vegas – Bellagio and its fountains of light to your production. Or perhaps for a photo shoot you’d prefer the extravagant Las Vegas Paris, featuring palm trees alongside the incredible replicas of the Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe.

Backdrops Fantastic Australia offers an amazing range of incredible quality backdrops for your next event or function from Medieval to pirates and tropical jungles. Located in Burleigh Heads, Queensland, we distribute all around Australia and New Zealand. For more information on these and other backdrops, call us on 1800 737 037 or email [email protected]

Las Vegas 1 Las Vegas 2 Viva Las Vegas Casino! Las Vegas – Bellagio Las Vegas – Retro Las Vegas – Showgirls Las Vegas Paris South Beach Miami Las Vegas 1B

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Las Vegas 1

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Code: CN002 Type: Sectional 3PHP Weight: 12kg Size: 6.16m High x 11.84m Wide Note: This is a 3 piece sectional backdrop

Las Vegas 2

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Code: CN003 Type: Sectional 3PHP Weight: 13kg Size: 6.08m High x 11.78m Wide Note: This is a 3 piece sectional backdrop

Las Vegas – Retro

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Code: SW007 Type: Sectional 3PHP Weight: 14kg Size: 6.2m High x 11.98m Wide Note: This is a 3 piece sectional backdrop

Las Vegas – Bellagio

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Code: SW006 Type: Sectional 3PHP Weight: 14.5kg Size: 6.08m High x 12.05m Wide Note: This is a 3 piece sectional backdrop
Gatsby Martini Centerpiece Star 2

Gatsby Martini Centrepiece

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Code: GATSBYCENTREPIECE Type: Centrepiece Weight: 1.5 kg Size: 30cm Wide x 59.5cm High Note: Martini Glass measures 51.5cm High. Full colour RGB base and light in glass. Base Colour can also be changed. Feathers are optional and available in a variety of colours.
Roulette Wheel and Gaming Table Event Centrepiece

Roulette Centrepiece

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Code: ROULCENTREPIECE Type: Centrepiece Weight: 1.8 kg Size: 35cm Wide x 80cm High Note: Miniature Roulette wheel and gaming table. Poker chips included with each set.
Red lycra chair cover side view

Red Lycra Chair Cover

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Code: REDCHAIRCOVER Type: Chair Cover Weight: 0.03 kg Size: 45cm Wide x 95cm High Note: Lycra cover with elastic foot pockets
White Lycra Chair Covers Side View

White Lycra Chair Cover

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Code: WHITECHAIRCOVER Type: Chair Cover Weight: 0.03 kg Size: 45cm Wide x 95cm High Note: Lycra cover with elastic foot pockets
Austrian Drapes Under Blue Light

Austrian Drape Silver

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Code: AUSTRIANDRAPE Type: Silk Austrian Weight: Depends upon size Size: Availalbe in 1m, 3m, 5m, 6m, 8m & 10 Metres Height x 3 Metres Wide Note: All of our Austrian drapes zip together to form a seamless join between drapes
Black Microdot Event Drapery

Black Microdot Drape

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Code: BLACKMICRODOT Type: Microdot Weight: Depends upon size Size: Availalbe in 3m, 6m & 10 Metres Height x 3 Metres Wide Note: Also available in custom sizes

Las Vegas 1B Party Backdrop

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Code: CN002B Type: Non Sectional 1PDP Weight: 6kg Size: 2.3m High x 4.7m Wide Note: This is a 1 piece non sectional backdrop and it comes with its own support rigging
Illuminated Stage Stairs

Illuminated Stage Stairs

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Code: ILLUMINATEDTREADS Type: Event Staging Weight: Subject to design Size: 2.4m in Width. 2 available to make 4.8m width Note: Stage Height to 760mm, 900mm or 1.1m concert stage
Perspex Lectern

Perspex Lectern

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Code: PERSPEXLECTERN Type: Event Decor Weight: 70 kg Size: 1.17m Wide x 1.15m High Note: Custom signage options available
Gold Bollards Wide

Gold Bollards

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Code: BOLLARDWITHROPEGOLD Type: Weight: Size: 0.3m Wide x 1m High Note:

Giant Crystal Chandelier

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Code: CHANDELIER Type: Event Decor Weight: 76kg Size: 1.6m High x 2.3m wide Note: Weight of 76kg per chandelier does not include the weight of rigging equipement such as chain blocks or motors. Enquire for further details