Apple Green Tolix Bar Stools

Vibrant Elegance for Every Occasion

The Apple Green Tolix Stool is an embodiment of modern sophistication, perfect for weddings, business gatherings, or garden soirées.

Its lively apple green hue adds a splash of colour, ensuring your event stands out in the Gold Coast, Tweed, or Brisbane areas.

Iconic Design Meets Versatility

This stool isn’t just about looks; its iconic design complements a wide range of decorations.

Whether it’s an indoor gala or an outdoor festivity, its adaptability and stackable features make it a practical choice for any setting.

Optimal Comfort and Style

Designed with both style and comfort in mind, the Apple Green Tolix Stool is the ideal height for bar settings.

It fits seamlessly under dry bars, offering a comfortable seating solution without compromising on elegance.

Hire Price: $15 + GST
Size: 76cm tall x 43cm wide x 43 cm deep
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