Sky Blue Tolix Bar Stools

The perfect seating can transform an event into a truly memorable experience, and the Sky Blue Tolix Stool stands out as the perfect selection! This distinctive stool radiates a modern charm that’s bound to captivate your attendees, whether you’re hosting a wedding, business function, or garden soirée in the Gold Coast, Tweed, or Brisbane. Its vibrant sky blue frame seamlessly combines style with comfort, making it as a standout piece of furniture for any occasion.

The enduring design of the Sky Blue Tolix Stool ensures it integrates smoothly with your existing decorations, making it a prefered choice for those aiming to leave a lasting impression at their events. Its adaptability is evident; it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor settings, and its stackable nature ensures efficient storage when not in active use. Designed to the perfect height for bar scenarios, it fits snugly under our dry bars and their covers.

When curating your event essentials, the Sky Blue Tolix Stool deserves consideration. With its timeless aesthetic, multifaceted utility, and easy stacking, it’s a valuable addition set to uplift the quality of your gatherings!

Our Tolix Bar Stools are also available in WhiteBlack , Orange, RedYellowSilver and Apple Green.

Also available is our range of Ghost Stools in Clear, Black and White.

Hire Price: $15 + GST
Size: 76cm tall x 43cm wide x 43 cm deep
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