Black Ghost Stools

Black Ghost Stools: A Sleek and Contemporary Addition to Your Event

Our Black Ghost Stools stand as a symbol of modern sophistication. Crafted from high-quality polycarbonate with a sleek black finish, these stools project a contemporary aura that effortlessly integrates with any event theme. Their dark design not only imparts a sense of luxury but also offers adaptability, ensuring they fit seamlessly with any colour scheme or decor.

Ideal Dimensions for Supreme Comfort

With a height of 67.5cm and dimensions of 42.5cm in both width and depth, these stools are tailored for maximum comfort. Be it a corporate gathering, a lavish wedding, or a milestone birthday, your guests will enjoy seating that is as stylish as it is comfortable.

Recommended Pairings

While the Black Ghost Stools are captivating standalone pieces, combining them with other selections from Events Fantastic can further refine your event’s aesthetics. Here are a few items you might consider:

Robustness in a Refined Package

Under their elegant facade, these stools are built for resilience. The premium polycarbonate construction ensures they remain steadfast amidst the vibrancy of any event, all the while retaining their polished appearance.

For those planning events in the Gold Coast, Tweed, or Brisbane, our Black Ghost Stools emerge as a top-tier choice.

Hire Price: $15 + GST
Size: 67.5cm tall x 42.5cm wide x 42.5 cm deep
Note: Made from high-quality polycarbonate
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