Red Tolix Bar Stools

Selecting the perfect seating is pivotal in ensuring an event remains etched in memories, and the Red Tolix Stool stands out as the perfect pick!

This distinct stool embodies a modern sophistication that’s bound to charm your attendees, be it for a wedding, business meet, or garden soirée in the Gold Coast, Tweed, or Brisbane. Its striking red frame seamlessly merges style with comfort, marking it as a premier piece of furniture for any social setting.

The classic design of the Red Tolix Stool facilitates easy blending with your current decorations, positioning it as a top choice for those eager to leave a lasting impression at their events. Its adaptability shines through; it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor spaces, and its stackable nature ensures space-efficient storage when idle. Designed with a height perfect for bar scenarios, it nestles comfortably under our dry bars and their covers.

When planning your event essentials, the Red Tolix Stool deserves a spot on your list. Boasting a timeless aesthetic, versatile functionality, and easy stacking, it’s a prized addition set to amplify the allure of your occasions!

Our Tolix Bar Stools are also available in WhiteBlack , Orange, Sky Blue, YellowSilver and Apple Green.

Also available is our range of Ghost Stools in Clear, Black and White.

Hire Price: $15 + GST
Size: 76cm tall x 43cm wide x 43 cm deep
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